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The Plasmodium Genetic Modification Project

The PlasmoGEM project produces and distributes free tools for the genetic manipulation of malaria parasites for research purposes. We initially aim to produce DNA vectors for the targeted manipulation of every gene in P. berghei, a malaria parasite infecting rodents.

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This is a not-for-profit, open access research resource under development. The tools are free for use in non-commercial applications, but requestors will need to cover shipping costs.

PlasmoGEM uses a combination of recombineering and Gateway technology to convert genomic libraries into gene targeting vectors with long homology arms, which integrate with high efficiency (Pfander et al., 2011). Protocols are also available in our protocols section

  • Genomic library clones are available for more than 90% of all P. berghei genes.
  • Vectors have been designed for the deletion and 3' tagging of ca. 87% of genes.
  • We have begun to systematically generate constructs for these genes.
  • To request priority for genes of particular interest email plasmogem@sanger.ac.uk.
  • Available constructs can be requested from the same address.

PlasmoGEM is funded by the Wellcome Trust and is part of the Malaria Programme at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK.

Getting started

The best way to explore available resources is to search for your genes of interest here and then follow the links on the gene list to our gene targeting designs, genomic library clones and finished vectors.

Or simply click here for a list of genes with PlasmoGEM vectors already available.

Please note

The website is still under development and there will be new features and changes to the look and feel in the near future. At present, the automated material request system for our resources is not yet available. Please follow the instructions here to request resources by email in the meantime.

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